How to Choose Trademark Attorneys ?


When you have devised a product, developed a phone system or formulated an invention, you will naturally want to patent it so that your name is connected to it forever. Unfortunately, preparing the patent application and getting it through in the patent office is a more complicated task than devising the product itself.

Moreover, there can be several related legal issues which cannot be solved without Trademark Attorneys help. This is why you will need a competent patent attorney who will help you in this process. Be a little discerning and chose your attorney judiciously.

Do your homework

The best way is to tread slowly and take some time out to do your homework. Make a list of all the patent attorneys you can get access to, read up their credentials and ask for interviews before making any decision. Spend time on only those insured and licensed to practice law. Check if he has malpractice insurance. You also need to read up a few patents prepared by them to enable you to understand the quality of their work.

Required knowledge

The patent attorney needs to have technical awareness or tech-savy, along with the necessary legal know-how. It is best to choose an attorney who has knowledge in your specific field of work, rather than an uninitiated professional because he will need more time to get the work done.

Experience and workload

Although this does not, always, directly reflect the competence of a professional, it does have some bearing. The more number of years in the particular field of work ensures a certain competence without which he would have perished. A heavy workload on the attorney, at any point of time, is also a positive indicator.